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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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guilty, even though some have been locked up for decades. kcrg t-v nine's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson looked into how the craze over murder documentarie s and new technogy has the stte taking a closer look at who's in our prisons. ""everyday across the state of iowa new prisoners are dropped off at prisons, it's happening right here behind me at the coralville prison. but even prison officials admit, statistically over the years, there is no way every one walking into these prisons is actually guilty." " stevenavery: "it was hard, 18 years and almost six weeks, and it couldn't happen soon enough." the netflix documentary "making a murder" highlighted wrongful convictions. in 2003 steven avery walked out of a wisconsin prison after serving 18 years for a brutal rape that d-n-a evidence later proved he did not commit. now he's back in prison,4&
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again question whether he actually committed. the popularity of "making a murderer" and the recent podcast series "serial" highlight questions about the accuracy of criminal convictions. brianfarrell: "both of those have been so important in helping people see the complexities of the criminal justice system." university of iowa law professor rian farrell is the head of the innocence project of iowa, a group of about 20 volunteers from around iowa examines cases of prisoners who claim they are innocent. brian farrell: "i think that awareness of these issues is probably going to lead to an increase in people seeking assistance." to date the innocence project lf iowa hasn't exonerateteanyone. in fact, over the past 25 years there have only been 12 exonerations in iowa for crimes committed in these 7 counties. but state public defender adam gregg says exonerations could soon increase in iowa - partly because of the fascination around documentarie s like making a murderer. and perhaps more importrttly, bbause the f-b-i recently admitted microscopic hair analysis used
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decades wasn't exact. adamgregg: "there's no way you can say there's. there's a one-in-a-million chance that this hair came from comebody else, yet that was the type of testimony thatatas given by fbi agents throughout the country."adam gregg: "it presents an issue for iowa because those same fbi agents who testified erroneously inhose cases trained iowa's dci agents in the same type of procedures." the revelation led governor branstad to create the state's wrongful convictions division late last year, led by audrey mcginn. audreymcginn: "i think there is a very very good chance this is going to exonerate some people." in just a few months, mcginn already has nearly 100 questionable cases on her desk, most of them with links to old hair analysis thniques. audreymcginn: "the more the inmatesearn about what we're doing, and learn that there are people dedicated specifically to these kinds of issues, i think the cases will be coming in more frequently over the next few years." mcginn will work with groups like the innocense project of iowa to review the expected influx of cases drummed up from all the recent publicity surrounding
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brianfarrell: "we've gone from what i would view as a vvy modest volunteer e eort doing what we can to a point of now having full-time resources in iowa focused on wrongful convictions issues." mcginn previously worked with the california innocence project and had a hand in at least seven exonerations there, including the high-profile case of brian banks, a rising football star who spent 5 years in prison after being falsely accused of rape. after his exoneration banks played briefly for the atlanta falcons. here iowa, mcginn is looking to keep that momentum going. audreymcginn: "i get to watch them have babies on facebook and get to be in relationships and get to have real jobs and live their life and that would have never happened if we wouldn't have been able to prove that their innocent and that's the coooost thing." whether the case of banks or steven avery - mcginn, farrell and gregg ? - all agree attention on these issues could change the criminal justice system. and perhaps lead
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the f-b-i to take a closer look at the types of evidence they entrust.. and that's one of the things avery's former attorney says he wants to see come from all of his newfound making a murderer publicity. deanstrang: "i'd much rather see us look forward and ask what should we be doing to strengthen our criminal justice system and to improve the reliability of its outcomes." "historically iowa has hardly compensated the wrongfully convicted. des moines attorney george lamarca won the highest amount ever for a person wrongfully convicted in iowa,nearly 200-thousand dollars. larmarca says the state needs to be ready to start paying up if the wrongfully convicted start getting out. mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news.. " turning now to weather and meteorologis t joe winters. joe, light snow could
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an area of low pressure pushes across eastern iowa tonight bringing the chances for a wiry mix. the precipitation looks light in naturerend will change to light snow before ending. lingering flurries could be with us into the afternoon with all accumulation s generally under 1 inch. you may get a touch of spring fever later this week as a warmup commences. highs by thursday climb into the 40s with 50s ahead for the end of the week. have a great night! tonight: m/cloudy, mix late low: 24-30 winds: s 5-10tomorrow:w:hance ofofsnow, mainly early high: 32-38 winds: nw 5-15 back to you. in a kcrg t-v nine follow up... authorities are investigating a house fire in north english where firefighters found a man's body. firefighters arrived at 208 south highland street around 8:30 last night. but they didn't find the body of 25 year old austin watson until the fire was out. the state medical examiner's
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perform an autopsy on his body. one person is dead and another in the hospital after a mobile home fire in cedar rapids this morning. the fire destroyed the home at 3701 16th avenue southwest. 72 year old ronald jacobs didi at the scene. first responders took his wife, 72 year old karen jacobs, to mercy medical center, which then transferred her to another hospital. we don't know her condition. investigators believe a fatal fire in waterloo last friday night was not suspicious. firefighters pulled 53 year old ray anthony reed from his burning apartment at 16164 mount carmel drive. he died later in the hospital. two dubuque city council members want to reconsider a wage hike for about 500 city employees. luis del l ro and david resnick say they want to council to reconsider a proposed 2-point-5 percent salary increase. they say eliminating the increase, or even reducing it, would help balance
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nene year. not be come to an agreement to would be one mean that would allow us to reduce our expenses by 400,000 " the two council members say eliminating or reducing the planned salary increase taxpayers in the city. right now, city officials percent property tax increase for next year. the cedar rapids school district is considering next steps after terminating its contract with its equity consultant. the move came after allegations the consultant had misrepresented his credentials to other districts in the past. edwin javius is the c-e-o of a consulting company called, ed- equity, out of san jose, california. the school district hired him in 2014 to help close the student achievement gap in schools. but it terminated its three-year contract with javius last week. the district says it paid out
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dollars, including travel expenses. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie joins us in the studio tonight. jill, where does the school district go from here? district leaders say they are going to keep moving forward with the district's plan. a diversity committee worked with javius to create what's called the equity action plan. it was adopted about a year ago. some events like this communitit forum in january are part of it. the plan works to monitor the progress of targeted student groups including african american, latino, and special education students. it also includessirection for the district to promote diversity in the workforce and decrease suspension rates for the student groups. director of learning supports, paul hayes, says the districttad done a lot of work with javius , and he's confident the district will continue making progress. "i think for the district, for the most part, people will not see much of a change in what we are going to be doing despite the consultant now not being with the district. the work is going to continue and will move
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planned. hayes says javius also played the role of mentor to ken morris junior, who is the district's manager of student equity. morris was supposed to eventually take the reins - but now he'll take charge earlier than planned. he says he's ready to move forward. "we have to. we have to. the challenge is going to be, it can't just be me. that's the real challenge. we all have to own the work of equity. it just can't be the face of one person or the responsibility of one person. that's going to be the real challenge." we're told the plan is still in the early stages, so there's not much data a track equity improvements so far. but hayes says they are seeing differences in how district staff members are dealing with suspensions. the district says it will look at school needs to determine if another consultant is needed in the
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considering hiring another one. bruce and beth? thdnks, jill. some people say it's too soon for the state to switch to a privatized medicaid program. today, they spoke to lawmakers about the change that will take effect march 1st. stay with your 2 2hour news
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next month, the state will
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medicaid program that three companies will manage. but some people say the state is still not ready to make the switch. today, they shared their concerns with lawmakers in des moines. one retired doctor said changing an entire healthcare system could set people back years and compromise health. " " hen you have to lose your provider, or case manager, or change the medical system you don't understand how devastating it is " the demococtic- led senate passed a bill earlier this month to stop the privatization. representative art staed - a democrat out of cedar rapids - has proposed a similar bill in the republican-led house. but that likely won't make it to the floor for debate. a district court judge has sided with the state's decision to terminate its contract with wellcare of iowa for mamaging medicaid. the department of human services threw out the contract with the health care company in december. it said wellcare had not disclosed some information
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bidding process. wellcare had filed a lawsuit in response totohe decision. another former president is campaigning for a white house hopeful... george w bush joined his brother jeb ahead of the south carolina primary. an area of low pressure pushes
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a wintry mix. the precipitation looks light in nature and ending. lingering flurries could be with us intoo the afternoon with all accumulation s generally under 1 inch. u may get a touch of spring fever later this highs by thursday climb into the 40s with 50s ahead for the end of the weekhave a great night! lowow24-30 winds: s 5-10tomorrow: chance of snow, mainly early high: 32-38 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow night: mostly cloudy low: 17-23 cloudy
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23 high: 53 - low: 43 saturday: partly cloudy high: 52 - low: 37 sunday: partly cloudy high: 49 - low: 32 monday: partly cloudy
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bush is out campaigning for his brother, jeb. today, the 43rd president spoke to supporters at a rally in south carolina, a state where he's widely popular. george w bush criticized the name-calling that has taking place in the election. he passed on a joke from his father, former president george h-wush, that labels are for soup cans. he also shared what he says it takes to be president. " the presidency is a serious job that requires sound judgment and good ideas, and there's no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has the experience and the
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president " today, donald trump doubled down on his attack on george w bush, pointing out again that the world trade center came down during his presidency. he also attacked ted cruz, threatening to sue him over cruz's eligibility to be president. there's a growing call amonon republicans to not fill justice antonin scalia's seat until a new president takes office. republicans already pledged to delay a vote, while democrats say lawmakers need to fulfill their constitutiona l duties. in the past, the senate has never taken more than 125 days, or around 4 months, to confirm or reject a nominee. while politicians go back and forth, the high court will continue to hear cases. "316 either they will do whats called affirm by a higher court. wherere the lower courts decision stands or they will reargue the case after a new
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one of the potential nominees for justice scalia's seat is jane kelly. she is a judge in the eighth u-s circuit court of appeals and works out of cedar rapids. we'll be right back.
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really needed a win tonight at minnesota.
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lets cut to the chase.. the iowa defense with a big play late forcing the turnover and davis finishes but the hawks did not have answer for rachel banham for two of her game high 35 to give the gophers a one point lead.. but the hawks regain the coley off the inbounds with two of her team high 21.. and back and for they went jessie edwdwd goes back door and the gophers led 75-74.. but lisa draws up a play for ally disterhoft who takes the baseline to give iowa a one point lead with 8 seconds to play.. minnesota one last chance and banham for 3 beats gophers win what a hertbreaker for the hatkeyes who lose their fourth straight. 2a district play 5th ranked anamosa hosted north cedar. and the raiders with a lot of steals tonight this one turns into a layupp on the other end.. and anamosa with a great football team too and d they thru a lototf touchdown passes tonight.. tyler zumbach for the six... and then one of the top scorers in the
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downtown and the raiders led 15-nothing.. north cedar finally stops the bleeding on the logan minar bucket in the paint.. but the anamosa press was just too quick.. kyle shepanski with the steal and bucket and the raiders advance with the win. down in iowa city tonight regina hosted west liberty. --regals leading midway through the second quarter....nat han stenger with the putback....regina up 28-16... --on the other end, freshman seth feldman with a nifty lay-up but the comets still trailed by 14.... .5 seconds play in the quarter...regals in-bound it to stenger and he launches one from 30 feet away to beat the buzzer nothing but net....regina led by 15 at the half and the regals win it 65-33. and finally it's monday time to get stupid and obnoxious with the golden klutz awards. hit it andrea let's start off with the worst dunk of the week nothing more embarrassing than get stuffed by the rim. worst air ball of the week
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missed by about 3 feet. most painfull pass of the week lebron james hits deangelo russell right were it counts. another look i hope he wasn't aiming their. i can't breath. russell's teammate kobe bryant seemed to be enjoying it. it could be worse you get hit right in the face checkout the guy warming just left of the broadcaster. biggest klutz of the week goes out this fan dances with the girl decides to pick her up and runs down the stairs and down goes frazier. another look what was he thinking.luckely the girl was alright. biggest nightmare for a goalie whiffing behind the net
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goal. worst golf shot of the week. just thomas wraps his club around the tree and i don't think he will be using that the rest of the round. and took on n w sam uthoff of prairie in toe wrestling good night!
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one last look at the forecast, joe... an area of low pressure pushes across eastern iowa tonight bringing the chances for a wintry mix. the precipitation looks light in nature and will change to light snow before ending. lingering flurries could be with us into the afternoon with all accumulation s generally under 1 inch.
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fever later this >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- david spade -- derek hough --
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sic from "panic! at the sisqo" with cleto and the cletones. and now, you've got it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. very nice. hope you had a good valentine's day yesterday. there's only so much good that can come out of valentine's day. kind of like a blood test in that either nothing happens or the result is something horrible. so last night my wife and i went


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